What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

Marine Diesel Engine Failure

Marine Diesel Engine Failure

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an inspection technique performed to identify all the contributing factors in an incident and determine the root cause for why a failure occurred. AME have a simple but very effective methodology for determining the actual root cause of an incident.

Whilst identifying and fixing the failure that has led to an incident is necessary, isolating the root cause is essential to preventing reoccurrence. Jumping to conclusions without further detailed Root Cause Analysis can prove very costly in the long term.

AME have identified three basic categories for why a failure may occur:
• Physical causes – The failure of equipment or plant
• Human causes – Critical errors in judgement through negligence or a lack of knowledge
• Organisational causes – Outdated or inadequate training, safety procedures, maintenance systems or organisational behaviour

Incidents are often due to a combination of the above factors, some of which may be very difficult to ascertain due to misunderstanding, bias or lack of knowledge from those central to or assessing the issue. Using an unbiased third party and experienced, qualified personnel to perform Root Cause Analysis is highly recommended to assist with this.

Tipping Trailer Chassis Failure

Tipping Trailer Chassis Failure

As outlined above, it is also important to consider the role organisational procedures have played in a failure and review of your site’s maintenance processes to help prevent further incidents. If managed correctly this will improve your overall site safety and improve productivity, preventing further failures and saving you time, money and resources in the long term.

If you do not feel confident in following your Root Cause Analysis procedures, AME can provide professional engineers to perform a third-party unbiased analysis of the failure for you.

Our experienced engineers also provide a comprehensive formal engineering report with recommendations to prevent recurring failure. In addition, following your Root Cause Analysis further guidance can be provided through a review and update of existing maintenance systems.

Whether you have had a major incident or a close call, AME can help you find out why and offer expert recommendations on how to stop it from happening again.

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