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training courses bannerAME provides industry recognised Classified Plant Training for our clients, run by Lead Trainer and AME Managing Director, Trevor Hughes.

Trevor has been responsible for developing the Classified Plant Training program at AME through his knowledge of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations (MSIR 1995) and Mine Safety and Inspection Act (MSIA 1994) and his extensive experience in the mining and resources industries in Australia.

With over 38 years in maintenance management, project engineering and planning gained in underground and open cut mining and in the processing, manufacturing and chemical industries, Trevor is considered an industry expert. He has been responsible for training Department of Mining and Petroleum Inspectors in Classified Plant as well as thousands of personnel holding various positions and roles in site management and safety.

To book in your training, please follow the link below to our Training Calendar and register to join on of our group training sessions held in Belmont or Kalgoorlie. To book Site Based Training, please contact AME directly and one of our dedicated staff will be in touch to arrange your course.

Before you book your training, please ensure you have thoroughly read and understood our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Purchase in particular our Training Cancellation Policy.

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Classified Plant Awareness Training
Advanced – 2 DaysIntermediate – 1 DayBasic – ½ Day
Advanced – 2 Days
The Advanced Classified Plant Awareness Training is our most popular, covering the regulations and statutory expectations pertaining to a large range of Plant and Equipment. Our training sessions include training manual, morning and afternoon tea and lunch on both days. These sessions are held at our training facility in Belmont, WA, however site visits to train larger groups of your staff can be arranged.

Key Modules:

  • AME-CP-000 Level 3 – Introduction to Classified Plant (Advanced)
  • AME CP-001 Pressure Vessel Inspection (incl. PRV’s)
  • AME CP-002 Cranes and Monorails
  • AME CP-003 EWP’s and Hoists
  • AME CP-005 Mobile Cranes and Itinerant Plant
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Intermediate – 1 Day
An overview of Classified Plant this training covers the regulations pertaining to some of the more common types of classified plants with a brief overview of site compliance regulations and expectations.

Key Modules:

  • AME-CP-000 Level 2 – Introduction to Classified Plant (Intermediate)
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Basic – ½ Day
A very brief overview of the regulations and Australian standards pertaining to Classified Plant. This training is recommended only for those wishing to gain a very basic understanding of Classified Plant and the regulatory bodies in Australia.

Key Modules:

  • AME-CP-000 Level 1 – Introduction to Classified Plant (Basic)
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Additional Training Courses
AME can provide specific client group bookings for the following training (Min 4 people).

  • Itinerant Plant Awareness Training
  • WorkSafe / DMIRS Registrable Plant Training
  • Crane Inspector Awareness Training
  • Section 44 – Mine Safety
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Industry Recognised Training (small)
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