Structural Integrity – Follow up Article

Structural failures on WA mining sites are a common problem occurring frequently, with some cases causing fatality and injury. This presentation, curated by AME, outlines recent structural failures, structural hazard awareness and includes multiple case studies of WA mining sites. This presentation has been developed by The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP). Structural and storage failures are often forgotten, leading to detrimental effects for many companies.

The issues covered in this presentation outline the correct methods that should be put into place, in order to maintain structural integrity on mining sites. Often these failures come in form of acid leaks, winder shaft and sheaves, job cranes and many more. It is imperative to continually assess the integrity of your mine’s structures. Failure to do so could result in sudden collapse of structures. Although corrosion is common it is often overlooked by asset management teams, resulting in fractures and loss of bond strength. The situations outlined in the presentation, show the importance of competency assessments. Would you be happy with structural failures of your house or your child’s classroom? Poor practices can exacerbate corrosion as well as a lack of maintenance and monitoring. Putting AME’s services into practice on your site can ensure your structures are safe and your operational site is not part of another statistic of failed structural integrity.

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