Preventing the Loss of Classified Plant Records

The recent “Mines Safety Bulletin 120” from the Department of Mines & Petroleum (DMP) addressed a topic on preventing the loss of classified plant records, answering a question often asked of us by our clients: Why do we need to have hard copy Equipment Files for our Classified Plant?

Our inspectors, processes and services are all designed to help mine sites and organisations maintain compliance with the Mines Safety & Inspection Regulations 1995 (MSIR 1995), the Occupational Health and Safety Standards and Australian Standards. One such regulation within the MSIR 1995 is regulation 6.25, clearly stating:

an employer must ensure, in relation to —(a) plant specified in subregulation (2), that records are made of any relevant tests, maintenance, inspection, commissioning or alteration of the plant, during the period that the plant is operable and under the employer’s control.

This applies to all registrable classified plant, and also includes industrial items of plant often missed such as industrial lift trucks (forklifts, tyre handlers etc).

In addition to regulation 6.25 is regulation 6.26 “Plant under pressure”, requiring compliance to Australian Standards, AS 3788.

According to AS3788 section 8.1, information files, more commonly known as equipment files, may be any combination of paper or electronic documents. The filing and storage method shall ensure that information is secure, has its integrity assured and is accessible for examination by inspection personnel.

A third addition to the above is section 7.5 of AS 2550.1 requiring records to be kept for all maintenance and inspections alike.

Hard copy equipment files should be kept on site with their corresponding plant. These equipment files offer a simple access point to all plant records and information for third party visitors and mines inspectors when visiting site.

AME's Classified Plant Management System

AME’s Classified Plant Management System

To ensure all records are kept up to date amongst those who require information urgently, AME have also designed an electronic file management system in addition to these hard copy files. Our Classified Plant Management System is accessible 24/7 acting as an electronic backup that can be accessed by authorised users – on site and off.

Not only does this improve access to the files, it also acts as prevention for loss of files and information, giving you twice as much protection in order to comply with the above regulations and Australian Standards.

AME also supply industry standard Classified Plant Record Books available for order through our online shop or via purchase order.


For more information regarding your responsibilities in the prevention of Classified Plant Records, or to enquire about our Classified Plant Management System, contact AME today on 08 9466 7444 or email us here.

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