Mobile Crane Rollover results in Fatality

According to the Canberra Times, a tragic incident happened at a public hospital worksite in Canberra, when a 62-year-old construction worker was struck by a crane boom and died at the scene. The incident happened when a mobile crane was moving a large generator at a low height and rolled onto its side. It appears as though the boom of the crane, which was lifting the generator has struck the man when the crane rolled.



Ten co-workers rushed to help the man, who was struck by the crane boom, however the man was fatally injured.

The construction site was attended by police officers, paramedics and Worksafe staff and several people have inspected the site following the incident. Apparently a lot of factors were at play which lead to this terrible tragedy. A large crane at the same site was temporarily shut down due to safety concerns prior to this incident. The fatality occurred only a few days after the shut down of the large crane.


Construction sites are all over Australia and the construction industry constitutes a large part of the Australian economy. Construction sites usually have cranes and other high risk plant and equipment on site. This equipment often appears to be very safe at first sight as they are usually controlled by an experienced operator and designed to the applicable Australian Standards. However, this equipment is not always as safe as it seems and continues to cause injuries and even fatalities at times.

If you are not directly involved with the high risk plant or equipment keep well clear of any operations with this type of equipment.

You may hear a lot about fatal incidents in the news – shootings, car crashes, knife attacks, yet construction related accidents or deaths are reported much less frequently.

Although, the circumstances of this fatal crane accident are not fully uncovered yet, there are many accidents which relate to failure of plant and equipment. In fact, in more than 50% of cases, not the operator caused the incident, but the failure of the plant & equipment. As SafeWork Australia reports, from 2008 – 2011, 13,640 construction workers were seriously injured and 123 construction workers died during work in Australia. On average, it is around 41 fatal incidents and 4,546 injured workers per year.



The statistics speak a clear language and should be an eye opener. However, besides accidents there are a number of other good reasons why you should have your plant and equipment inspected on a regular basis. One of the most important reasons is to ensure that the plant conforms to applicable regulations and Australian Standards, and due to the hazardous nature and potential to cause harm it should also be regularly inspected.

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