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Mandatory Requirements for Your Pressure Equipment

Do you own pressure equipment? If so, it’s important to understand the mandatory requirements and applicable Australian Standards (AS) to not only ensure your equipment is safe to operate, but also avoid fines that may come with non-compliance to Australia’s current safety laws and legislation. So, what are we referring to exactly when it comes to pressure equipment? The most common type of pressure vessel used is an air receiver for the storage of compressed air. Other types of pressure equipment include: accumulators, ... Read more

Do you know your legal responsibilities if you own Plant, Machinery or Equipment?

Do you know your legal responsibilities if you own Plant, Machinery or Equipment? As an owner of plant, machinery and equipment you bear an enormous responsibility to maintain safety standards in order to protect yourself, your staff members and to adhere to the laws and regulations of the country. Unfortunately, accidents involving machinery and equipment continue to occur all over Australia. Over the period 2006 to 2011, SafeWork Australia has reported a total of 188 fatalities associated with unsafe design of machinery, ... Read more

Crane Incident Compilation

Crane failures continue to dominate the headlines, with several incidents that have occurred over the last few months. Many of these incidents are a result of overloading the crane or operating the crane outside of its working envelope. Operating any crane beyond its rated capacity has the potential to cause a catastrophic failure of the crane, its support structure or both due to associated loss of control of the load. When control of the load is lost, workers ... Read more

Tragic Dreamworld incident raises safety concerns

It was reported in The Guardian, that an inspection in late 2012 found air compressors on 13 rides at the theme park did not meet safety standards, raising questions about the maintenance at the park. Documents released by Queensland’s workplace regulator confirmed that the air receivers on the air compressors on the Thunder River Rapids ride as well as other rides were deemed “not fit for service” in November 2012. Concerns were raised regarding evidence of a quality management system and ... Read more

AME Case Study: Pressure Vessel Failure

AME has inspected a pressure vessel that has failed, luckily not in a catastrophic way, and not where it could have had detrimental effects on passer-by’s. The first photo below was taken towards the end of 2014 when it was inspected. Ultrasonic Thickness Testing was taken on the bottom and shell of the vessel with no signs of any issues. Due to the surrounding pipework etc, the top of the vessel was not accessible. The second photo, taken this week, two ... Read more

Structural Integrity – Follow up Article

Structural failures on WA mining sites are a common problem occurring frequently, with some cases causing fatality and injury. This presentation, curated by AME, outlines recent structural failures, structural hazard awareness and includes multiple case studies of WA mining sites. This presentation has been developed by The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP). Structural and storage failures are often forgotten, leading to detrimental effects for many companies. Presentation on Structural Integrity from the Department of Mines ... Read more

AME introduces Infrared Thermography

AME now offers Infrared Thermography as an added service to complement our award winning Plant & Equipment Inspection services Infrared thermography is the process of using a thermal imager to detect infrared radiation (heat) that is emitted by an object. This technology allows operators to validate normal operations and, more importantly, locate thermal anomalies (abnormal patterns of heat invisible to the eye) which indicate possible faults, defects or inefficiencies within a system or machine asset. A few examples of where Infrared Thermography ... Read more

More for Less

"More for Less" How often have you heard this, particularly in Maintenance circles? In the current economic climate everybody wants to achieve more for less cost. AME have a client who was given additional fixed plant maintenance responsibilities but were told they cannot have any additional labour to complete the extra work? AME was engaged to complete a Maintenance Manpower review to determine the optimum crew size and whether this client could maintain the additional plant and equipment without additional resources. The process ... Read more

Mobile Crane Rollover results in Fatality

According to the Canberra Times, a tragic incident happened at a public hospital worksite in Canberra, when a 62-year-old construction worker was struck by a crane boom and died at the scene. The incident happened when a mobile crane was moving a large generator at a low height and rolled onto its side. It appears as though the boom of the crane, which was lifting the generator has struck the man when the crane rolled. Ten co-workers rushed to ... Read more

Are your fixed steel structures safe?

Unfortunately another fatality occurred on a minesite when a boilermaker working inside a thickener tank died when the gantry bridge above him failed and collapsed, crushing and pinning him. The WA Department of Mines have issued a Significant Incident Report with details of the incident and Actions required. See attached SIR 244. AME can assist with your required actions. Plant structural integrity continues to be a major concern in the industry, not just in Australia, but overseas as well. In Western ... Read more
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