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AME win Fastest Growing Business Award

AME has won this quarter’s 'Fastest Growing Business' award from internationally renowned business development organisation, ActionCoach. With guidance from AME Business Coach Gavin Bassett and the exceptional AME management team, the Award recognises the hard work AME has put into the last few years, in particular their outstanding performance over the last quarter. The AME management team, Managing Director Trevor Hughes, Operations Manager Stephen Ansell, and General Manager Rod Wakefield would like to congratulate our entire team and all those who contributed to ... Read more

Do you know whether it is a Safety or a Relief Valve?

There appears to be confusion in industry over the correct terminology of whether it a safety valve or a relief valve. Some of this confusion could stem from the actual standard itself or a lack of understanding of what a “fluid” really is. AS 1210 Pressure Vessels says – A safety valve vents to prevent a predetermined safe pressure from being exceeded. Normally used with compressible fluids. A relief valve vents to prevent system pressure exceeding a predetermined pressure. Normally used with incompressible fluids.   Air, nitrogen ... Read more
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