Asset Management

Tracking software makes assets ‘self-aware’

Tracking software makes assets 'self-aware' AME are working with Track 'Em in a  new venture to track and manage the location and condition of valuable assets throughout their entire asset life cycle. Assets will be tracked from engineering design, fabrication and manufacturing through to delivery to site, installation, commissioning and facilities management. Using unique RFID and GPS tracking technology, the paperless solution provides the real-time location, status and condition of material, plant and equipment assets visualising them within the 3D model. The addition ... Read more

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of a PRA

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Plant Risk Assessments What is a plant risk assessment (PRA)? A PRA involves a comprehensive inspection of a piece of plant or equipment to ensure it is safe for use. How do I conduct a plant risk assessment? Traditionally PRAs are conducted using a 4 step process, as seen in the diagram on the right. If an error or oversight is made in Steps 1 to 3, this is likely to lead to ... Read more
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