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Are your fixed steel structures safe?

Unfortunately another fatality occurred on a minesite when a boilermaker working inside a thickener tank died when the gantry bridge above him failed and collapsed, crushing and pinning him. The WA Department of Mines have issued a Significant Incident Report with details of the incident and Actions required. See attached SIR 244. AME can assist with your required actions. Plant structural integrity continues to be a major concern in the industry, not just in Australia, but overseas as well. In Western ... Read more

Gas Bottle Explosion critically injures Teenage Boy

There have been numerous incidents with the storage of portable LPG gas bottles. In a recent freak incident in Sydney, a 15 year old boy is in a critical condition with "horrific burns" after a leaking 9kg gas bottle in the boot of a car exploded when the driver lit a cigarette and the car burst into flames. The teenager was walking past the car when the gas bottle exploded. He was knocked to the ground and suffered critical head ... Read more

Do you know the design registration requirements for mobile EWPs and Scissor Lifts?

Since the introduction of the new harmonised Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (WHS) in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD and SA there have been some minor changes in the Design Registration requirements of Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs) and Scissor Lifts. All states recognise each other’s Design Registrations, which means that if an EWP has been design registered in one state, it will be suitable for use in all states and territories. End users should be weary of the fact that WorkSafe WA ... Read more

Do you know whether it is a Safety or a Relief Valve?

There appears to be confusion in industry over the correct terminology of whether it is a safety valve or a relief valve. Some of this confusion could stem from the actual standard itself or a lack of understanding of what a “fluid” really is. AS 1210 Pressure Vessels says – A safety valve vents to prevent a predetermined safe pressure from being exceeded. Normally used with compressible fluids. A relief valve vents to prevent system pressure exceeding a predetermined pressure.  ... Read more
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