Are your Statutory and Itinerant Classified Plant Record Books compliant?

You may have Classified Plant Record Books, but are they set up correctly?

AME have become aware that whilst some sites are improving on maintaining plant records – the record books themselves are not always compliant with industry standards.

Statutory Classified Plant Record Book

Itinerant Classified Plant Record Book

By law, under Reg 6.40(2) of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations, inspections of registerable classified plant must be recorded in a classified plant record book kept for that purpose at the minesite.

The details of the inspection, including the date of the inspection and whether or not the plant was found suitable for use must be recorded in the record book by an appointed person approved in writing by the registered manager.

It is recommended that the pages in the Statutory Classified Plant Record Book are bound and numbered and it has a hard cover. As a minimum the Statutory Record Book should contain an

  • Index;
  • Contents (Equipment List referencing page numbers);
  • Appointed persons list or a copy of the appointment letters;
  • Relevant Mines Regulations exemptions;
  • Statutory Equipment Inspection details; and
  • Notes


Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • All entries must be clearly written in ink pen and signed and dated with the name of the person making the entry.
  • Only authorised persons are allowed to write in the record book.
  • Do not staple inspection reports or registration documents into the record book.
  • Any paperwork must be glued and taped to prevent it falling out.
  • For Itinerant Classified Plant the departure date from the minesite must be recorded in the Itinerant Classified Plant Record Book.


If you’re unsure on the compliance of your sites’ record books, contact us today and we would be happy to review them with you. Alternatively, AME can provide industry approved and endorsed Classified Plant Record Books for you. Call +61 8 9466 7444 for more information or a quote on bulk orders, or head to our shop to purchase online.

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